Samsung rolling out Smart Home app and appliances


Samsung has got home automation firmly in their sights. The Galaxy Gear range of wearables is one thing but the company recently announced a smart light bulb and they’ve also taken the lid off a home automation technology that they’ve just called Smart Home. Sadly, it’ll be a while before it makes it anywhere near South Africa.

The service comprises an Android app which is able to pair with compatible home appliances, like fridges and smart TVs, to give users the ability to control those pieces of tech via a smartphone or tablet. The tech, which has launched in North America and in Korea, will let users “…control multiple devices simultaneously”, performing actions like “…simply say[ing]“Good Night” to the TV remote control, and connected devices within the home such as the Smart Bulb and air conditioners could be set-up to automatically turn off.”

Samsung currently has limited devices supported by the Smart Home service but they have plans to add more devices to Smart Home in future. There are also plans for the company to bring Smart Home to other countries, though they have not specified which locations are next on the list.

Source: Samsung via Ars Technica Image: Ars Technica


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