It’s time for an update on the modular phone Project Ara


Project Ara is slated for release, perhaps optimistically, for 2015, a date that might see the release of modular smartphones onto the market. In the meantime, the team behind Google’s ambitious take on mobile devices have released a video update that gives an overview of the folks working on Ara as well as a few glimpse of the work that is taking place.

In the video, which mostly serves as an intro to the team, we get to see how Project Ara plans on securing modules to the main board. They are planning on using electromagnets that can be turned on or off, depending on whether you’re planning on swapping something out of the device or not.

Some information is also given on the materials and casings that the phone and its modules will be using, as well as a few design hints. Project Ara will be retaining the built-from-Lego look that we were first introduced to but, if its a truly modular phone, there will probably be a way to slip a case over it at some point.

Source: via Digital Trends


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