Meet Amazon’s set-top box – The Amazon Fire TV


Android has got itself a new set-top box in Amazon’s newly announced Amazon Fire TV device. The company has long been rumoured to be working on a set-top device capable of streaming media content and yesterday’s announcement has also confirmed that the Fire TV will be able to play Android games as well.

The Fire TV packs in a decent load of hardware, such as a 1.7GHz Krait 300 processor, 2GB of system memory and 8GB of internal storage, plus an Adreno GPU. The little streamer will support WiFi up to 802.11a. Voice search functions are integrated into the little black slab and Amazon plans on releasing original games for the Fire TV, in addition to making it compatible with a collection of smartphone and tablet releases.

Gaming seems to be the main aim for the Fire TV and Amazon has priced it at $99 (R1,060) with a separate controller being available for $40 (R430). Alternatively, users will be able to use the remote control or a smartphone app to control games on the Fire TV.

It will also stream video services such as Amazon’s own Instant Video offering as well as Netflix and others and music has not been neglected either. Music streaming from the likes of Pandora (as well as Amazon) will also be possible

Source: GamesIndustry


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