Microsoft’s Games with Gold makes Hitman: Absolution, Deadlight available for April


In case you didn’t know, Microsoft’s Xbox Live has two gifts available for their Gold subscribers every month in the form of two games that are permanently tied to a user’s account (if you select and download them in time). The promotion has been running for some time, going up against Sony’s PlayStation Plus offering, but it hasn’t been getting all that much traction. That might be changing if the games on offer for April are any indication.

Available as of yesterday for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is Hitman: Absolution, the latest game in the Hitman series. The availability of this game marks the most recently released game to be given away for free by Microsoft and, we assume, publisher Square Enix and could point to better titles being offered to those availing themselves of Xbox’s loyalty program. Absolution will be available until 15 April when the free title will change over to something a little different.

Zombie-themed side scroller Deadlight, an Xbox 360 Arcade title, is also on the roster for the month of April and will be downloadable free from 16 April until the end of the month. What Microsoft has in store in May will only be announced towards the end of the month but hopefully they match or better April’s available titles.

Source: Polygon


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