Drone balls could make sports (even more) awesome


We cannot overstate our love of drones here at Stuff HQ and with good reason if you think about all the amazing stuff they can do. Now, drones might just make sports all the more captivating. Or Harry Potter-like.

Hoverball is a piece of drone-tech that is currently under development by the University of Tokyo, and is certainly looking to be something fantastic. Users could find themselves having to react to a new range of actions with a drone-equipped ball, such as “…such as hovering, anti-gravity, proximity, or remote manipulation”. This might be disastrous in the case of a cricket match but it could lead to a new range of games being created and played.

If the Hoverball gets out of the lab, the researchers at Rekimoto Lab say it could glide through the air or move around players by itself (hence the Harry Potter/Quidditch connection). Unfortunately the Hoverball still needs some further tweaks, to allow it to withstand the rigors of the sportsfield, but we choose to remain optimistic.

Source: Mashable


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