Computers can now teach each other to play Pac-Man


Humans as a species have always had at least one thing going for us, we were the ones that ‘taught’ computers how to do anything. That’s about to change.

Researchers at Washington State University have created computers that can teach other computers, using Pac-Man of all things.

The brains behind the project, Dr. Matthew E. Taylor, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the university has developed an algorithm that enables a ‘teacher’ computer to teach a ‘student’ computer very much in the way we do, by giving advice whilst the ‘student’ is performing a task.

The ‘teacher’ computer managed to not only learn the ‘student’ computer to play Pac-Man, but also excel in a modified version of StarCraft, which at the end of the experiment the ‘student’ PC could play better than the ‘teacher’.

This means that older machinery might be able to teach their replacements how to function in the future but the ideal is having a robot that is able to effectively education humans.

Source: Gizmodo


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