There’s a dermal patch that will keep you on your meds


If you’re anything like the Stuff team, doing something as simple as taking prescribed medication isn’t always as easy as it should be. Things get in the way, forgetfulness plays its part and generally medicine doesn’t get take on time. This is a far larger problem for folks who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and others who may forget that they’ve taken their meds and double-dose – something that could be lethal. Science and technology have the answer for those people, however.

A group of researchers from South Korea (where the cellphones come from) have reported that they have made strides in the field of medication-dispensing dermal patches, sections of stick-on artificial skin that are able to monitor patients’ body temperatures and release medication as it is needed. The result is never having to miss medication and, in some cases, having on-demand doses that work according to your body’s needs at the time rather than a schedule.

The medication patches are still in development and there’s a way to go before they can be released to the public. At the moment the dermal additions need to operate in a wired state, so users would have to be hooked up to something that transmits data. In time, the researchers hope to turn the innovative monitoring and dispensing system into a wireless patch that will allow for more natural living with medications. The time frame? About five years, according to biomedical engineer Dae-Hyeong Kim.

Source: via The Verge Image: Nature Nanotechnology


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