Portal to make the jump to Nvidia’s Project Shield


Portal, loved by gamers and cake aficionados everywhere, is a hit game which had players using a portal gun to traverse various obstacles. The game saw release on the PC and the Xbox 360, spawned a sequel and now, thanks to Nvidia, it is heading to a mobile Android platform.

Announced at the 2014 GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that the popular title will be made available on the company’s Shield handheld gaming console, which is based around Android. Portal will first be available only for devices that make use of the Tegra chipset from Nvidia and, according to the company, it will be a complete port of the PC version but there is also a chance that the physics puzzler will see wider Android release at a later stage.

Just when Portal will be releasing for mobile hasn’t been detailed but it should be the first step in seeing more PC games jumping onto Android in future. And then we will have our cake in our pockets.

Source: The Verge


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