Underwater robotic crustaceans are apparently a thing now


Meet the Crabster CR200, a creation of the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology. This robotic crawler is designed to function underwater but the video above it just a movement test of the vehicle on land.

It is still due to undergo underwater testing, with a skin that covered the inner shell that you can see here. After that, its creators hope to deploy it on the bottom of the ocean for science purposes but they’ve got a few commercial aims in mind as well. Perhaps they’ll try to infiltrate an episode of Spongebob Squarepants or something.

As far as underwater robots go the Crabster CR200 is well designed, though we can’t wait to see it in action in its intended environment, clambering over rocks in between shoals of fish. Maybe then it won’t remind us so much of an oversized spider.

Source: PopSci


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