The only camera to return from the moon is auctioned off for a cool R9.9 million


Terukazu Fujisawa, founder of the Yodobashi Camera retail chain in Japan has bought what can be argued is, if not the most famous, at least the most well-travelled camera in history. Namely a certain Hasselblad 500, the only camera to have been returned from a Apollo moon mission.

Hailing from the Apollo 15 mission that happened in 1971, this particular Hasselblad was not the first to make it on our Moon, but it was the only one to have been included in the return flight, as the others were left on the moon due to the size and weight constraints of the return vessel.

The auction of this Hasselblad started at 80 000 euros (R1.1 million) and was expected to close at 200 000 euros (R2.9 million), so Fujisawa’s bid of 550 000 euros (R 8.2 million) was quite unexpected. Together with the premium for the auctioneer’s expenses, the total paid for the camera came to the rather legendary R9.9 million

Source: The Verge


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