Microsoft details DirectX 12, for PC, mobile and console


Microsoft has taken the wraps off of DirectX 12, the first new graphics API from the company in quite some time. The reveal, which took place at GDC this year, obviously places emphasis on Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, from the Windows environment right down to Windows Phone.

Processor loads are going to be more effectively spread over multiple cores with the new API, according to Microsoft, and DirectX 12 will also be reducing CPU bottlenecks that can limit graphics processing unit performance. New developer tools will give developers better access to “lower-level” GPU hardware, something that will apparently allow for up to 50% improvement in benchmark performance.

Game performance will improve across the board and most DirectX 11 Nvidia GPUs are supposed to already be compatible with Microsoft’s new API. The API could make better use of multiple GPU setups as well.

On the mobile front, DirectX 12 will improve power usage. It will also make it easier to port games across to mobile (as well as console and PC) in several directions.

DirectX 12 doesn’t have an official launch date but it should become available around the middle of 2015.

Source: Polygon


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