Map your room with Roomscan and never worry about a tape measure again


Measuring a room isn’t exactly something we’d like to do for fun, but it’s ultimately necessary when buying furniture and doing other house-shaped stuff. Roomscan, a nifty new iOS app, lets you map a given room without hassle just by tapping your iPhone against every wall.

Reportedly relying on the built-in GPS and gyroscope to determine distances and the orientation of your walls, Roomscan is accurate to within 15 centimetres, which should be good enough if you want a rough idea. Not so great if you’re planning on re-carpeting the place.

If precision is your thing you can always pony up the R60 for the Pro version that lets you specify exact distances, if you have a separate laser measure, that is.

Check out the video to see the app in action.

You can also check out the app here.

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