LG wants to be the light of your smart home


LG has announced a first for the company, a smart light bulb that is able to connect to a smartphone (we’re sure that they’d prefer that you used an LG phone) via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Smart light bulbs aren’t anything new but LG has gone all out with their initial offering. Users will be able to control their home lighting from almost anywhere with a smartphone app and they will be including a ‘party’ and security mode with the intelligent bulbs. Party mode will make lights flash in time to music that is playing on a device while security mode will let users schedule lights when they’re not at home for extended periods.

Other features that will come with the eventual (international) launch of LG’s smart bulbs, something that hasn’t been dated yet, will be the ability to blink to notify users that there is a phone all incoming and a wake-up function which will slowly turn up the lights to gradually get you out of bed. When they do get to the world in general, they will be compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 6 or better devices.

Source: LG via Digital Trends


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