Have R650k? How about getting a fire-breathing, flying RC dragon?


There’s no denying that dragons are popular again, seeing as how Game of Thrones recently put them back in the mainstream spotlight.

So if you have a lot of spare change lying around, and a secret wish to scare just about anyone into submission, Hammacher Schlemmer has the perfect piece of tech for you. People can now buy one of Rick Hamel’s flying RC dragons, which can reach a top speed of about 112 km per hour, and when on the ground breathes fire.

Yes, fire.

To get the beast and its 2.43 metre wingspan into the air, a miniature turbine jet engine in its chest propels at along at a hellish 804km per hour (for taking-off purposes) , and with 1.9 litres of jet fuel you can terrorize your victims for about ten minutes before having to land to top up.

The RC dragon’s head can be made to turn; its eyes glow, and probably the best feature, spout a meter-long flame. Sadly the latter can only be done whilst it is on the ground, for safety reasons.

Check out the video above to see the dragon in action.

 Source: Gizmodo


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