Take a look at where Unreal Engine 4 will take graphics tech


Epic Games is the creator of the Unreal Engine, a gaming platform that has gone though several different evolutions and which has appeared in far more different games than you might expect. At this year’s GDC the company showed off the now-released Unreal Engine 4 and detailed a bit of what it can do.

A video released by Epic Games shows some of the visual effects that will be coming with the new gaming engine. If that’s all you’re interested in then you can stop watching the features video at around the 1:10 mark. It also goes on to show folks like developers a little more about Unreal Engine 4 will work under the hood, so to speak, going down as far as giving creators access to the source code.

Finally, it shows off the various platforms that Unreal Engine 4 will work on, covering everything from the PC to mobile graphics. Honestly, they all look amazing.

Source: Polygon


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