Oculus gets us excited with the announcement of the Dev Kit 2


About one year ago, Oculus reinvented virtual reality (VR) and had us in a constant state of excitement ever since. And with Sony’s own VR kit announced yesterday we can barely contain our squeals of glee.

So with Oculus’ announcement of the Rift DK2, a refined version of the Crystal Cove, the cherry is very much on the cake, as this will reportedly be the last dev kit of the Rift before the company will announce its consumer version of the VR set.

According to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey says the consumer version is pretty much ready on paper and now it’s all about assembly, but no fixed release date has been given.

“We’re much closer. The last year we’ve spent researching and developing what consumer VR needs to be… we didn’t know before, and we do now.”

“We know what we need to ship, we know what parts we need to do it, we know where we can get those parts, and now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game and putting it together.”

For those interested, the Dev Kit 2 will ship this July for about R3800, and you can check out the Oculus pre-order site here.

Source: The Verge


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