LG’s G3 phone – What (we are pretty sure) we know


If you’re a regular Stuff Magazine reader you will be aware of just how highly we regard LG’s G2 smartphone. If you’re not, then you’ve just been informed. All this means is that we have some very high expectations of the flagship Android phone’s successor, we’re not planning on giving the impending LG G3 a free ride just because it had a fantastic ancestor.

Various leaks suggest that LG is on track to surpass the G2 on most fronts and details regarding both hardware and software features are doing the rumours of the rumour mill at the moment. This is what we think is going to be announced.

LG’s G3, according to a Korean website and corroborated by other leaks, will boast a qHD (Quad HD) display with a stellar 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. That’s the same scale as the recently-reviewed Lenovo X1 Carbon ultrabook. In terms of other hardware, 3GB of system memory is expected and this should be coming along with LG’s octa-core processor (known as Odin) which will feature four Cortex A15 and four Cortext A7 cores. There’s also headspace for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU but this seems unlikely.

As far as the camera goes, a 16MP shooter is expected as well but we can’t rule out LG re-using the 13 megapixel sensor that the G2 shipped with. The company might opt for adding 4K video recording instead of a camera upgrade, assuming they add in extra storage or SD card support for the G3.

A fingerprint scanner and an advanced customisation system based on how users actually use the phone are two more features that have come to light of late. The customisation setup would reorder the home screen based on app and function usage, time would tell if that’s a good thing or not.

As for release, the money is on LG’s G3 appearing sooner rather than later, with dates being bandied about for as soon as May this year. June has also been given as a possible launch date but LG may wait until September before unleashing their new flagship on the world. Yes, we’re just hedging our bets with this last item.


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