Apple drops iPad 2 as base-level tablet, reintroduces the iPad 4


Apple has officially taken the iPad 2 out of circulation as the company’s entry-level tablet, replacing it with the iPad with Retina Display (otherwise known as the iPad 4). The iPad 2 has been removed from the Apple website.

There have been no pricing changes announced for South Africa with the reintroduction of the iPad with Retina Display but the price for the 16GB WiFi version of the device will set US buyers back $400 (R4300) while the 3G version of the same tablet will cost $530 (R5,700).

Those will be the only two options officially available from Apple so don’t get your hopes up regarding a cheaper 64GB iPad 4 just yet.

The change does mean that all of Apple’s available tablets are now using the company’s Lightning connector, though the iPad with Retina’s cellular edition is the only device on the roster that will use a micro-SIM. All of the other tablet’s in Apple’s lineup use a nano-SIM.

We’ll update once we know what the price changes for South Africa will be.

Source: Ars Technica


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