Yes, we’d probably download a 3D printed electric car


Local Motors is an community-operated American company that makes custom cars as well as car-shaped toys of the sort that would make a younger you very envious indeed. But they have ambitions beyond just getting people driving something like the Rally Fighter, which is pictured above and will set you back around $1,075 million.

They apparently have designs on making a 3D printed electric car and they intend to build one on the show floor of the 2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show, due to take place in Chicago in September this year, according to Digital Trends.

Just what the car will look like hasn’t been determined yet but they will be using an unusual 3D printer in order to build the vehicle. An additive/subtractive 3D printer, like the one recently demonstrated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will be used to create the vehicle. The printer is capable of extruding components but also trimming down sections, which would make the construction process much easier.

It does mean, however, that Local Motors’ effort might be downloadable at some point but you probably won’t be able to make it at home. Yet.

Source: Digital Trends


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