Amazon reported to be targeting April release for video streaming device


Amazon has long been rumoured to be planning a set-top box that would compete with the likes of the Apple TV but, as those rumours appear to be solidifying, it looks like the form factor that we can expect from the device might be a little different.

Website TechCrunch is reporting that, according to several sources “familiar with the device”, Amazon is soon going to be launching a video-streaming device that bears a closer resemblance to Google’s Chromecast dongle than to a set-top box.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the device, whatever it actually looks like, is expected to launch in the States in early April this year. Just what it will feature isn’t known but support for Amazon’s Instant Video and MP3 services seems like a good bet.

There is also talk that the streaming device would be able to stream PC game content but whether this would be over the internet or from a networked computer running the game isn’t known. Amazon has recently acquired a game developer so a little gaming functionality isn’t out of the question.

Source: TechCrunch


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