Stuff’s Toby Shapshak talks about African innovation at TED


Last year Stuff Magazine’s publisher and editor Toby Shapshak was invited to Edinburgh to give a talk at TEDGlobal 2013. We covered the events when they happened in June last year but the actual talk itself has had to wait until TED posted it on their own website (the Stuff team saw an advance copy of the talk last year).

Like yesterday’s South By South West video Toby spends time talking about the innovation that is springing from the African continent, using examples of Africa-grown technology that is now being exported to the rest of the world.

Toby said “We are at the point China was at when its boom years began. And that’s where we are going. We hear the west talk about ‘innovation at the edge.’ Well, of course it’s happening at the edge. In the middle, people are too busy updating Facebook, or maybe trying to understand Facebook’s privacy settings.” But, if you’ve watched the video, you already know that.

Source: TED


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