Sparta: War of Empires launches on Facebook, makes real-time strategy social


We have some good news and some not-so-good news. The good news is that real-time strategy fans who have had to give up time spent planning their campaigns thanks to social networks can now have both, thanks to the launch of Sparta: War of Empires on Facebook. The less-good news is that it doesn’t look anything like the cinematic trailer above, which was made and released to promote the launch.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that because it lacks cinematic action it’s a low-budget Facebook title though. In terms of artwork it resembles a highly polished Caesar title from the sadly defunct Sierra Games (we’re showing our age a little here) and developer Plarium have roped in Jesper Kyd to do the musical score.

Players will be tasked with handling diplomacy, trade and stabbing people in the face in order to beat back the Persian army that is poised to take Greece and give it a massive wedgie. Plarium’s CEO Avi Shalel said that Sparta‘s “gameplay and processes required for enhanced MMO strategic warfare have been enhanced so that players have a faster, more active and, in the end, more challenging experience.”

Sparta: War of Empires launched yesterday. At the time of writing there are around 700 active players but if you’d like to add to their number you can access the game here.

Source: Sparta: WOE via Polygon


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