Mozilla shows off Firefox running Unreal Engine 4 without plugins


In the future one of the key components of online gaming might just be your web browser and Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, wants to make sure that their browsers will be ready for the day when you can load up Call of Duty via a URL.

The company has released a video on their official blog showing how Mozilla can run the Unreal Engine 4 at what they say is “near-native speeds”. The video itself is little more than a teaser for what Mozilla has to present at this year’s Game Developers Conference but it does seem to do exactly what they say is does – running Epic Games’ Soul and Swing Ninja tech demos without the use of plugins.

A user’s hardware as well as their internet connection comes into play here but Mozilla have provided us with a glimpse of an exciting future. One which could see gamers buying a PC game and, instead of having to wait for a download and installation process, being able to start playing right away. That day is still some way off, especially with regards to Unreal Engine 4 which will be used to run the newest crop of games, but it’s in sight at least.

Source: Mozilla via Polygon


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