It’s man versus machine on the ping pong table, but the results are unimpressive


A couple of weeks ago we posted about man taking on machine in the most noble of battles,  table tennis.

That day has been and gone and previous world champ, Timo Boll, has taken on the “fastest” robot in the world, the Kuka KR Agilus, in a competition between flesh and steel. But not everybody, and that includes us, are happy about how things have turned out.

When checking out the video, it seems that the film team mostly focused on getting slow motion shots of the players. We rarely get to see more than a couple of seconds of continuous play between the two contestants, which leaves us a little disappointed. The event could have been an interesting showcasing of man versus machine but now it only feels like what it is – an advertisement.

Do still check out the vid, if taken on its own merits it is still somewhat cool. We’re pining for what could have been, a real contest between us and our future robot overlords.

Source: The Verge


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