Mighty Cast’s smart wristband goes modular


Smart wristbands are a great manifestation of wearable tech and have been applied to much success in our everyday lives, like the Fitbit for the health conscious techies amongst us, or the Galaxy Gear, for those who would want to take a more general approach to the smart wristwear trend.

But what seems to be the next evolution for smart wristbands is already on the horizon with Mighty Cast’s Nex Band, the modular smart wristband.

Reportedly targeted to delight teenagers and young adults, the Nex Band will have a string of charm bracelet-like modular attachments that will be able to communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth.

The function of the wristband is determined by what modular attachment you have on the wristband at the time, like one that gives you social network updates, or one that shares proximity information to those around you. You can have up to five mods attached at the same time.

If you feel the urge to share your mods with a fellow Nex Band user, you’ll even be able to track the ownership status of the mod, and see the little attachment’s journey, wherever it might lead.

The Nex Band is priced at R1070, or R530 for pre-orders, although no conformation on SA deliveries could be established at the time of writing. You are welcome to visit their site, but order at your own peril.

Source: The Next Web


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