Google acquires (pieces of) Green Throttle Games


Google has been making a string of acquisitions just lately, counting companies that develop robotics and AI systems among their collection. Now the search giant has got something completely different to add to the list of tech that Google owns: bits of Green Throttle Games, an outfit which until recently was making Android gaming hardware.

Green Throttle Games made Android game controllers, which were designed to work with a gaming app that the company created and connected to Android hardware via a Bluetooth connection. Though the company effectively closed down in November, there was still enough left over for Google to make a purchase.

The terms of the deal are largely unknown but PandoDaily, who first reported the acquisition, were able to confirm with Google that what is left of Green Throttle had made a deal with the company. Some of the gaming company’s former staff, including two of its founders, will be joining Google. Google won’t be hanging onto the Green Throttle label, that will remain with one of the company’s founders, Charles Huang.

Just what Google wants with Green Throttle’s tech is unknown but sources are claiming that Google is planning on building a set-top box that is able to handle games and the Green Throttle purchase is supposed to have something to do with a possible Bluetooth controller from the company. We’ll update if anything more concrete about the gaming tech now in Google’s hands becomes available.

Source: PandoDaily via Engadget


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