Behold the Hulk of data cables – it transfers data at a staggering 800GBps


So just when you thought USB 3.0 was fast, Intel comes and upsets the apple cart (pun maybe intended).

The cable is based on Intel’s Silicon Photonics technology, and uses 64 fibres to transfer a rather impressive aggregate speed of 1.6 TBbs. These speeds are achieved by using 32 fibres for transferring data, and 32 to receive data. Each individual cable can move 25GBps, so if you add that all up, and you get 800GB going in each direction every second.


The cables are brought together by a MXC connector (MXC just means… MXC, apparently), and are at this time aimed at replacing the 10GBps cables usually used at connect switches and supercomputers. We will certainly keep our ears to the ground if these beauties ever hit commercial shelves.

Source: Gizmodo


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