Behold: Robot pole dancers at CeBit


Tech shows have been increasingly criticised for their use of so-called booth babes to advertise their stands but one company, software developer Tobit, has opted for some cybernetic representation at this year’s CeBit conference in Germany.

The robot pole dancers, seen in the video above, are definitely remarkable, though they’re not exactly sexy. The use of these gyrating pieces of machinery, complete with a DJ-like robot spinning the decks, does raise a few interesting questions that will have already occurred to those with a cyberpunk or Futurama frame of mind. Could these machines be the precursor for a more… artificial form of adult entertainment in the future?

Whatever the answer is, chances are that there is someone out there that appreciates this sort of this a little too much. For those people, the BBC reports that getting your hands on one of these robot dancers will set you back about R430,000.

Source: via The Verge


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