The little Raspberry Pi is getting a sound-based update


The last time we properly looked in on the hobbyist mini-computer known as the Raspberry Pi, it was getting its very own camera module. It’s been a bit of a wait but there is a new piece of technology entering the market designed to improve the Pi’s capabilities – a sound card.

The sound card, called the Wolfson Audio Card, will set prospective buyers back $33 (R360 at today’s exchange rates) and will incorporate some standard 3.5mm audio and mic output jacks, an on-board MEMS microphone or two and an on-board Class D amp. There are also input jacks for connecting external media players to the little add-on.

The Wolfson card supports audio up to 192KHz (24-bit) and it slots onto the Raspberry Pi’s P5 connectors. One of the world’s smallest popular computers just got a little more useful.

Source: Engadget


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