Apple releases iOS 7.1, details changes, fixes and updates


Apple has, as expected, launched their iOS 7.1 update this month, bringing with it a series of UI changes, corrections for some problems with regards to random reboots and tweaks to Touch ID. The update also introduces the company’s CarPlay feature to handsets.

CarPlay is Apple’s headliner and will give users the ability to operate their smartphones via a connection to certain motor vehicles later on in the year, assuming that the vehicle has a compatible system and touchscreen handy. It’s not really useful at the moment but having it in place will make those planning on purchasing a new vehicle think about getting something that matches their iPhone.

As for the changes and fixes, UI changes can be seen in the dialler and power off functions, the music app has been tweaked, and there are some improvements to the onscreen keyboard. Apple has also made a change to the Notification Center.

Apple has also taken a look at an issue that was causing random reboots on some of their newer devices (namely the iPhone 5 S, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display), promising that this fault will be going away as of iOS 7.1. They’ve made adjustments to the Touch ID system, improving its accuracy to address problems that some users were having.

Source: Apple via The Verge


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