1TB optical disks to become a reality, courtesy of Sony and Panasonic


Great news to all you digital hoarders out there (like us), Sony and Panasonic have announced that they will be introducing 300GB optical disks next year, and (queue music) they’ve only just begun.

Admittedly 300GB is a nice jump from optical storage equivalents available today, but we were very happy to hear that the 300GB disk will be the smallest offering from the two tech giants.

The 300GB disk will be followed by 500GB and the very, very impressive 1TB variants.

To put that into perspective, the highest capacity Blu-ray disk can only hoard about 100GB, whilst the more common offerings only hold 25GB.

The disks will be called Archival Disks, and will reportedly be readable for 50 years. Best of all, according to Panasonic, you won’t need to store the disks at any specific temperatures to keep them alive and well.

Unfortunately the disks are not being developed for consumer use at the time of writing, but we can dream.

Source: Digital Trends 


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