SXSW is always more fun with drones and tazers (and interns)


Chaotic Moon Studios is certainly getting around. The company has collaborated with Pizza Hut to redesign the pizza-ordering experience and they’ve also taken a slightly different technological tack when it comes to drones. The company, at this year’s SXSW event, showed off a new type of drone that could be deployed when an alarm is triggered – in a private home or at a business, for example.

It seems like a fairly normal drone but it has been designed to seek out people in the vicinity of an alarm and, via video, asks a controller to authorise or detain a subject. We’re assuming that authorising the subject is the boring option but the video above shows what happens when you select the ‘detain’ option. Using a Chaotic Moon Studios intern as a test dummy.

According to the drone’s creators, once someone is due to be detained the drone switches to an autonomous mode where the subject is halted by the application of 80,000 volts of electricity. This is either the greatest idea for home security ever, a recipe for a lawsuit or the way that the first robots will rise up and enslave humanity. But getting to taze an intern doesn’t happen every day, doing it with a drone is even more unusual.

Source: PopSci


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