Samsung launches new (currently US-only) free music streaming service


Samsung has opted to enter an already-crowded streaming music market with a new offering that is tied to their Galaxy range of smartphones and, geographically, the United Stated. Called Milk Music, the offering is described as a free internet “radio service” that will not feature any adverts for the moment, but that ‘feature’ will be introduced at a later stage.

According to Samsung, Milk Music features more than 200 different genre stations and that the complete track listing totals more that 13 million songs. Users will be able to customise their listening to include only certain stations or music genres and a list of favourite stations can be combined into one.

The BBC reports Samsung’s Media Solutions vice president of music Daren Tsui as saying “We feel that while the music space is very competitive there is room for improvement.” The report also points out that Samsung’s Galaxy-specific service is going up against other music streaming options that work on any device, which may count against the South Korean company in the end.

Samsung’s other music streaming service, Music Hub, was recently shut down by the company, presumably in preparation for this launch.

Source: BBC


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