Microsoft teasing DirectX 12 at GDC, likely Xbox One implementation


Microsoft last week launched a teaser website that all but said that the company would be launching, or at least introducing, a new version of DirectX for the gaming world at the Game Developers Conference. Initially the DirectX 12 teaser featured the logos of AMD, Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm, suggesting that mobile devices would be getting some proper DirectX API action, but Redmond has since updated the teaser image to the one that you see above – with the Xbox One logo added.

We’ll know the full specifics in ten days or so when the reveal officially happens at GDC. There are no real details as to what Microsoft has planned but a section of text from the company, which reads “You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal and to do so on an unparalleled assortment of hardware. You also asked us for better tools so that you can squeeze every last drop of performance out of your PC, tablet, phone and console”, suggests that the new API will give developers greater control over graphics hardware than was possible in the past. Just how they plan on doing that is what everyone is waiting for.

Odds are that giving DirectX 12 to both the PC and to the Xbox One will lead to games being converted for one or the other in a much faster manner than was previously possible. It may even be that game ports for the console from a PC title won’t… suck. We’ll have the details once Microsoft makes DirectX 12 official.

Source: The Next Web


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