Google will spread the Chromecast love to other countries soon


Google’s Chromecast dongle is a TV-to-Smart-TV adapter that is ridiculously priced in the States, coming in at a mere $35 (R380). Perhaps the best bit about it is that it will be spreading to other geographical locations in the near future.

The Next Web reports that Google’s Sundar Pichai made the announcement that Chromecast will be venturing abroad to “many, many more countries” in the coming weeks, something that will probably put a smile on many a tech enthusiast’s face. Not discussed was which countries will be receiving the tiny tech but South Africa perhaps won’t be on the list, given when last we saw Google hardware in the country that wasn’t through some sort of import deal. But having Chromecast on this side of the pond will make it easier to acquire locally.

Pichai gave a few other details, revealing that the Chromecast dongle has sold “millions” since its launch, though no specific numbers were given. He also mentioned that an Android SDK specifically for wearable devices will be launching shortly.

Source: The Next Web


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