Watch_Dogs dated for late May, action-packed story trailer released


Game developer and publisher Ubisoft delayed several titles from the launch of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, opting to spend some extra time working on them. One of these was Watch_Dogs, an open world action adventure title that sees players roaming the streets as protagonist Aiden Pierce, a hacker who is out for revenge. Highly anticipated when the game was first announced, Ubisoft have now put a release-date on the hacking adventure. The anticipation will be paying off on 27 May.

To mark the announcement of the global release date, Ubisoft has released a new story-trailer for Watch_Dogs and their presentation is putting the likes of Hollywood in the corner.

In the video above you’ll get a look at some of the main characters, both heroes and villains, as well as the motivation of Aiden’s actions throughout the game. When you see something you shouldn’t have and the wrong person is hurt as a result, the effects can be… explosive.



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