Samsung has filed for a patent on an augmented reality keyboard


Samsung certainly has some strange ideas sometimes. One of their weirder ones can be found in a recent patent filing from the company, which was submitted in August 2013 and which has recently become public knowledge. Samsung wants to used your fingers as a keyboard. An augmented reality keyboard.

The patent filing indicates that the AR keyboard might be a component of Samsung’s rumoured Google Glass competitor and, based on the images that accompanied the patent application, will facilitate a “camera-assisted input input operation for a portable device.” It’ll do this by projecting a virtual keyboard into a user’s hand or hands, perhaps using an eye mounted camera to do so. It certainly wouldn’t work with a smartphone.

Samsung Patent Keyboard

The virtual keys, which show up on a user’s hand, would detect when the image changes (in other words, when your thumb passes over the letter in question) and register that as an input option, allowing a user to type on their fingers.

Just how or when Samsung would implement something like this is unknown but they’re definitely looking at something different in the field of human/computer interfaces. In the context of a Glass-like device, it may even work quite well.

Source: Digital Trends


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