We really want to believe that this HUVr hoverboard promo is real


A video featuring skating legend Tony Hawk and Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) has popped up online claiming to be the reveal for HUVr, a hoverboard supposedly created by a company called HUVrTec. The video is designed to appeal to long-held desires for an actual working hoverboard but, unfortunately, the HUVr is almost certainly not a real thing.

However, whoever is behind this viral phenomenon is attempting to sell it quite hard, giving safety and user height information in the ‘official’ website. Too bad it’s almost completely unbelievable, no matter how much we want to believe.

The internet has already dissected the promo video extensively, as detailed by The Verge, and if the fact that a company has conquered gravity and used it to create a hoverboard isn’t unbelievable enough, there are more than a few pointed that the whole thing is some kind of marketing stunt. The action shots are likely done with wires and there has been some internet investigation into just who the people are who are in the video, pointing to comedy website Funny or Die’s involvement.

But, there is mention of a mobile app and a December launch date for this product and some speculation that the video above is somehow a promotion for an  upcoming mobile Tony Hawk video game. Which it could be. We’d really, really prefer it if this was a real hoverboard though. Whatever this video is in aid of, it’s certainly gotten the world’s attention.

Source: The Verge


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