Rocksteady Games prepping Batman: Arkham Knight for release this year


Gotham City’s Dark Knight is one of the more relatable superheroes in popular fiction, if that term can be applied to a genius billionaire playboy who fights crime in the evenings. It’s who we’d like to think we’d be if we had his resources and family history. Some of the Batman’s best outings of late have come via the world of video games thanks to Rocksteady Games and the company is preparing their third adventure for the Bat.

The game, titled Batman: Arkham Knight, will be taking place after the second game in the series, Batman: Arkham City. A year after the events of Arkham City, Batman will once again face off against a collection of his enemies. There is some information regarding what gameplay will entail, apparently the Batmobile will finally be driveable and the developers will not be including multiplayer in Batman’s newest adventure. Presumably the same investigation and combat mechanics will be present.

The launch date for the game has been given as 14 October this year, with various pre-order bonuses announced for the States. We should be getting Arkham Knight at around the same time.

Source: Polygon


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