Building a better pizza with technology (and touchscreens)


This might be the future of pizza or at least it will, if Pizza Hut has anything to say about it. The American pizza chain has demonstrated a concept touchscreen table that hungry folks could one day use to customise their circular meals.

The interactive table, which was developed by Pizza Hut with the help of Chaotic Moon Studios, activates when a user puts their smartphone onto the table-top. Users can select the size of their pizza base, which sauce will be used and then which toppings will be added, as well as where they will be placed. Something like this could eliminate those difficult pizza orders going wrong.

Once everything has been sorted out, a countdown timer kicks in and users are given a selection of touchscreen games to mess around with. Oh, and the smartphone on the table? That’s used to pay the bill.

Just when this will be entering widespread use isn’t known, but that day can’t come soon enough. Now if you’ll excuse us, the Stuff team is heading out for pizza.

Source: Engadget


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