Leaked Titanfall images show maps, gameplay modes and progression options


Reddit user FallenFusion has been receiving leaked info from a “reliable source pouring me information,” of the highly anticipated first-person shooter Titanfall. Apart from screenshots of various maps that feature turrets and ziplines, info on the game’s Generations mode have reportedly also been revealed.

According to a leaked screenshot of Generations, a game mode similar to Call of Duty’s Prestige Mode, Titanfall will give  a player, once he or she gets to the maximum level, the opportunity to become a second generation pilot that can gain XP at an accelerated pace. The catch being that the character’s current XP, progress, unlocks and completed challenges will be reset. Apparently the mode will allow players to reach up to Generation 10.

You can check out the Imgur screenshots here, and the reddit post of Fallen Fusion here. You’ll be able to see features of the gameplay, including the ziplines and turrets that players will apparently be able to use. There are also a crop of game modes featured in the images, some of which will be familiar, while there’s something new in the form of Pilot Hunter where players will have to hunt Titan pilots for fun and profit.

Titalfall will be released on the 11th of March on PC and Xbox One, and the 25th of March for the Xbox 360.

Source: Polygon


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