‘GLaDOS’ wants to teach you something about nuclear reactions and world domination


We know this might not come up often, but do you know the difference between fission and fusion? We don’t but luckily we have the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating process from someone (something?) we really admire, GLaDOS, our favourite homicidal AI.

The vid is sponsored by NASA and although no one ever mentions that it is GLaDOS in the video, pretty much everything hints strongly that it is. The credits then leave little doubt that it is her (it?). Sort of. The original voice of GlaDOS, Ellen McLain, is credited at Nasa’s Official Talking General Leisure And Diversion Operation Office (NOTGlaDOS).

Check out the vid for a great explanation on the difference between the two reactions, and also some info on GLaDOS’ latest plot for world domination. This is how you’re supposed to teach science.

Source: The Verge


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