Getting emotional about death – a look behind the scenes at Dark Souls II


There are gamers and gamers, some will break their controller or television sets in frustration with a game like Dark Souls II and others will revel in the challenge that comes from attempting to die fewer times this time around. The original Dark Souls as well as the first game in the series, Demon’s Souls, were both built around the idea that games should be hard and both titles incorporated in-game death as a game mechanic, a tradition that Dark Souls II is set to continue when it launches halfway through March.

The video above, a promotional documentary about the incoming hard-as-nails game sequel, features the game’s director Yui Tanimura, art director Daisuke Satake and a short appearance by Dark Souls II lead translator Ryan Morris talking a bit about how the game can to be. The player’s sense of accomplishment in the face of the odds created by developer From Software, how they have attempted to convey character emotion at certain parts of the game and the larger goal of removing the curse that is part of Dark Souls II‘s setting are all discussed.

There’s also a pretty lofty claim by voice actor Peter Serafinowicz, who says that it has ruined other games for him by being the best thing he has ever played in about 35 years of playing games. Whether this title will stand up to these claims is something that we’ll find out next month, keep an eye out for our review to see if it does.

Source: via Polygon


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