Coi+ Power Brick to let you charge your devices and play with Lego at the same time


External battery packs are great pieces of tech that allow you to charge your phone or other similar devices on the go, and whilst the predominant trend is to create smaller and more efficient packs, Coi+ may just have taken a step past efficient, and right into the realm of awesome.

The company’s Power Brick is far from small, instead going for big and bumpy. That’s bumpy as in bumps on the pack that allows you to click Lego pieces on while you have a device charging via the USB port sitting on the side of the brick itself. The remaining charge on the lumpy device is represented by a series of LEDs.

The 4,200 mAh power pack comes with four slanted  Lego bricks, with which you can either turn the pack on its side or give your device a slot of sorts to rest on. If this is something that has caught your eye, you probably already have at least some Lego which means you can charge your devices on the blocky Death Star, Helm’s Deep or any other Lego creation you could build on the Power Brick.

The Power Brick is currently available for preorder (if you can get the link to work, they seem to be experiencing some overload at the moment) for R525, and ships in mid-March.

Source: CNET


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