Amazon reportedly in talks with music labels with a streaming service in mind


Some days it seems like everyone is trying to do everything online. Amazon is reported to be in talks with various music labels, with an end-goal of a music streaming service in mind. The report, by way of Re/code, speculates that Amazon is looking for something else to offer their Amazon Prime subscribers in addition to expedited shipping and free movie streaming and that the unconfirmed talks with music labels may just be that ‘something’.

Citing “industry sources”, the report says that Amazon is engaged in talks with several music labels, though one source has said that Amazon isn’t quite there yet with their negotiations. This is reportedly because Amazon is looking for a reduction on the price given to streaming rivals like Spotify or Rhapsody.

The Re/code report goes on to detail just what Amazon could do with a music streaming service at their command but notes that while the company is supposed to have been in talks with music companies for several months, they don’t seem to be close to closing a deal just yet.

Source: Re/code


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