Google reported to have a smartwatch in the works (built by LG)


A Wall Street Journal report has claimed that Google will be jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon (along with everyone else, these days) by introducing an Android smartwatch that will apparently be built by LG. The original report, which cites a source “…familiar with the situation”, seems to have been confirmed by LG’s mobile unit head Park Jong-seok who said in a later report that Google’s smartwatch will be compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones.

LG might not be the sole manufacturer that will help Google realise its wrist-computer ambitions, according to the first WSJ report, and there may be other companies involved in creating smartwatches for the search giant. Google’s aims along these lines, quite aside from the LG confirmation, appear to have been confirmed by multiple locations.

Google is said to be planning an unveiling next month, with a full reveal taking place at their I/O conference in June this year. Little is actually known about what sorts of specifications the device will have when it does become available but it’s not a stretch to believe that Google will tailor it along the lines of their Nexus hardware.

Source: WSJ via The Verge


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