Would you let Volvo use your car as a delivery location?


This could either be the best idea ever or the most horrible thing to every happen to your privacy – Volvo is working on a plan to let delivery and other companies drop off good at their customers cars by giving them access to the vehicles with a “digital key”.

The auto manufacturer plans to unveil the tech, known as Roam Delivery, at Mobile World Congress next week according to reports but the concept behind it seems fairly simple. You order a product online and Volvo, should you drive one of their vehicles, supplies the delivery company with your car’s location and temporary access to it so that your package can be delivered while you’re out shopping or at work.

There’s the convenience factor to consider, since you could be regularly surprised with good in your boot, but there’s also the privacy and theft angle to keep in mind. Do you really want Volvo and a courier knowing where your car is and how can you be sure that the car or some of its contents won’t take a walk while a delivery is being made. Volvo may have accounted for these scenarios however, we’ll have more detail for you next week.

Source: PopSci


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