Spike Aerospace to replace windows in private jets with live-streaming displays


A company called Spike Aerospace has got designs on a private supersonic jet, the Spike S-512, that they are looking to launch (to those who can afford it) in 2018. A private supersonic plane is remarkable enough but Spike wants to add in another feature that might make flying across continents at incredible speeds even more fun.

Spike intends to completely turf the windows in the S-512 and replace them with interior displays capable of showing the area outside the cabin while passengers are in flight, which would be projected onto the displays from exterior cameras.

That’s not the only use that Spike’s jet would put cabin-length displays to however. A selection of images could also be displayed during those times when the weather outside might be too frightening for passenger tastes. We’re fairly sure that Spike might rig up a really awesome cinema system at the same time.

Source: Wired via PopSci


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