Diving into the story with the Thief launch trailer


It looks like the conclusion of our preview of the upcoming Thief reboot may have been a little bit off target, based on the newly-released launch trailer for the game. Thief, which goes on sale in South Africa next week, will have players once again donning Garrett’s cowl and breaking into anything that is locked and the new video gives prospective gamers a decent overview of what they can expect from the game’s storyline and environments.

This time around Garrett will be stealing for a cause, perhaps becoming a hero to the people though he might be an invisible one. But there will be riots, explosions and rebellion in the streets before the game has reached its conclusion and there may just be a few ghosts as well.

Players will have a choice with their gameplay when Thief eventually lands – either completely stealthy or they can opt to take a more action-oriented route to their objectives. We’re pretty sure which option purists are going to pursue.

Source: via Polygon


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