James Bond tyre tech is coming to cars in snowy regions


Technology that makes the jump from fiction to reality is a bit more common than we’d expect. One of these items, which appeared in the James Bond film Die Another Day, is being tested out as we speak by a company called Nokian Tyres.

The tyres, a prototype version of which exists, are convertible snow tyres that are able to switch between studded and non-studded states at the touch of a button. The promotional video above briefly shows the controls for this setup, as well as the tyres themselves in action.

South Africa isn’t a country that is known for its excessively snowy weather but it is nice to know that, should global warming or a rogue comet or something turn the country into a winter wonderland, we will still be able to get down to the shops for all the essentials. That is assuming that the spy-car tyres pass testing and enter general production.

Source: PopSci


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